Celebrating Reading Progress through RISE!

2018-2019 marked our second year using the RISE/RISE Up intervention model (see more here!) with our students. Our 2nd year data was exciting! Our Guided Reading Specialists and Interventionists met with 252 students for an average of 25-30 sessions. 39.6% of our students moved 2 or more levels by the end of the session! 46% moved 1 level! Fantastic reading work and learning strategies are happening in our school- thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Guided Reading Specialists and Interventionists who are committed to protecting and maximizing students’ time on task, collaborating daily on student progress and planning, and using the RISE Framework for each lesson. Additionally, I noticed that our largest gain was during the first quarter of school. I attribute it to new year enthusiasm, a strong sense of urgency and selection of students for the session. Our team focused on students who were reading just below grade level. It motivated them to be on grade level before the end of September! (Our school starts in early August.) The best news is that the students from Session 1 MAINTAINED (and many continue to increase) their reading progress throughout the year!! Let me know if you want to hear more about our RISE/RISE Up success!! Click the link to email me, or comment below. Thanks for reading!

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