About Me

There is a moment in nearly every learning process when your mind says, “A-ha! I get it!” What results afterward is an emotion, a determination, perhaps even a drive, that inspires you to keep learning more. These moments are what I endearingly call ‘lightbulbs.’ My name is Jennifer Brownlee. I live in beautiful eastern Tennessee after moving between Alabama, Georgia and Missouri, but my favorite place is wherever teachers and students are gathered together doing my favorite thing- learning something new! Over 20 years ago, I officially began my journey in education, and I am fortunate to love my work even more today than I did when I started. My road, like so many others, has been hilly and often marked with detours and hazards, but thankfully, I have had many ‘lightbulb moments’ and incredible mentors along the way, helping me become more effective and hopeful each year.

I founded Growing Lightbulbs after spending 5 years leading youth development programs, 13 years as a classroom teacher, 5 years as an instructional coach, and 2 years as an Assistant Principal (which is still my current role). My mission is to support educators through personalized professional development and coaching in research-based practices to increase the opportunities to celebrate student learning at high levels. Please preview this site and contact me for more information on professional development offerings, presentations, resources, or coaching. Please click here to view and download my one-page bio. It will be a privilege for me to share the learning journey with you, your teachers and your students.